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Autumn - Leather furniture is certainly your first choice - fancyarnfurniture

Leather furniture is certainly your first choice


Finding the perfect furniture to combine with the rest of the things in your house is not an easy task and of course, it will be a different process for everyone. But it is worth doing a little research because great furniture will surely last at least ten years and probably more. It is an investment that the whole family will enjoy, even more so if you choose a material like leather, which is easy to clean, modern, stylish and durable, at Fancyarn we are the experts in leather furniture, especially sofas!

Before diving into our recommendations, it is important to know the main characteristics that these pieces of furniture offer to us and the advantages of acquiring one this Autumn.

sofa leather


Comfortable Cushion

Leather-lined cushions have an excellent sponge inside that provides greater elasticity, compared to other materials, leather helps prevent it from losing its shape or adapting to any predetermined shape due to prolonged use, but rather maintains its structure intact, on the other hand, both the backrest and the cushion are well padded with a thick and durable sponge, so it will be very comfortable to sit on; In addition, the seats are very spacious, making it very suitable to sit for a long time and watching how the autumn leaves fall from your window.

Easy to Clean

Imagine coming home with the children after a long and fun afternoon of games in the outdoor park in the middle of autumn and having traces of leaves, dust, and dirt on their clothes, and sitting comfortably on the sofa without worrying that you will be hysterical because now you will have to spend hours cleaning everything that got dirty, the tapestry would be stained, the fabric would wear out and you would have to wait a few hours for it to finish drying and to be able to sit on it again. That will not happen to you if you choose leather sofas, its soft and smooth texture is super easy to clean, you only need a cleaning foam that you can make yourself with a little soap and water, go through the stain with gentle movements and dry with a dry cloth, you can also use wet towels saving a lot of time, and thus in a couple of minutes, you can use your sofa again as if nothing had happened.


Leather is a material of high durability and resistance, compared to other materials, leather has a very great advantage in terms of its lifetime, it does not deform easily, which will allow you to watch television, take a nap, read a good book with a delicious coffee or simply enjoy a good movie with the family for much longer without losing the shape of the cushions. The preparation of the leather makes it acquire a resistant thickness but with a light and durable texture, it resists different weights and you will not have to change it from time to time or reupholster nor restore it to give it a new and shiny appearance.



In addition to being extraordinarily durable, leather is a much easier material to care for and has a softer and shinier texture than other fabrics that lose their color due to the sun, wear, constant cleaning, and other factors of daily use. On the other hand, leather will allow you to be comfortable in any season of the year, whether in cold winter, cozy autumn, or a hot summer, since its material is super breathable and easily adapts to all types of weather.

Design and Style

Having a leather sofa means having furniture that inspires presence, and elegance, stylizes any room, and makes it look much more imposing. The autumn colors available to choose from are perfectly adapted to your needs and the rest of the colors in your room and also to your decoration style. Its versatility has the ability to instantly take your living room from cool spring/summer to cozy fall/winter.

The wood of its legs together with the shiny leather is perfect for bringing natural tones and textures to your living room. You can easily combine them with planters of any style, whether modern or vintage, wicker baskets for firewood and centerpieces, or coffee tables in different shades of wood, leather adds touches of clarity and light to any space for what it is perfect for this fall and its classic colors.

sofa leather

Choose the tones in trend this autumn such as shades of green, warm blue, majestic brown, or dark tones that provide more sobriety and elegance to combine with bright accessories and cushions and give your living room that touch of inspiration and glamor that it is missing without losing the feeling of warmth and the magic of coming home to a cozy and familiar space.

If after all this you still have doubts about why you should choose leather sofas instead of choosing sofas made of other types of materials and fabrics, we leave you a few curious facts about leather and its advantages, so that the choice is yours, make it easier and you don't have to spend hours researching pages of pages or asking all your friends and family for opinions, because we already know the answer!

If we think about what is the most used piece of furniture in our main room or living room, we will come to the conclusion that the answer is the sofa, that is why when choosing one it must have a high resistance material and durability and be able to withstand different weights, bumps and jumps from children sometimes pet hair, long hours of use sometimes even to sleep. Therefore, the material that one chooses is one of the main things that must be taken into account and not get carried away by only the external appearance and overlook the way and materials with which it was manufactured.

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So, if you are planning to buy a leather sofa for your home, you need to know the following aspects that Fancyarn offers you:

Comfort should be your main concern, when you buy Fancyarn leather sofas you make sure that the material used has a special treatment and you will clearly be able to distinguish that the finish that Fancyarn offers is first class, you will not find any screws, nails or pointed pieces that could hurt you or a member of your family.

The leather sofas are hypoallergenic, if in the Autumn your family or you begin to feel symptoms of allergies due to dust, pollen, and other normal factors in the environment, leather armchairs will be your best allies since their material does not shed lint or retain germs and is very easy to clean.

leather furniture

The fabric is more elegant, entering a room where there is a leather sofa will make your eyes go directly to it since they are very striking, and imposing, and have the ability to improve any room, giving your living room a more stylized and fine appearance. Its sophisticated but traditional design features, with elegant details and finishes that provide a handcrafted yet modern touch, and best of all they provide you with great comfort and warmth.

In short, buying a Fancyarn leather sofa is a smart decision. This has numerous advantages that include: resistance, it protects from stains more effectively, odors do not remain and its durability is much longer. Compared to sofas made of other fabrics, leather can easily blend in with the other furniture and decorations in the room. Leather has a high-temperature tolerance and makes you feel comfortable no matter if the weather is hot or cold.