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How To Style Dark Wood Furniture With Color - Easy Guide - fancyarnfurniture

How To Combine Dark Wood Furniture With Color

Are you looking to redecorate your room? Do you want to give a bold look to it? This article is right for you. 

Dark wood furniture led to contrasting themes - such as minimalist and polarizing maximalist decors- making choosing the right color palette sometimes tricky.

Finding paint colors that go with dark wood can be an interesting task. Especially if you are looking to combine it with your dark furniture. As a result, you will have a room with more personality.

We will review a few tips and tricks that work exceptionally well with dark furniture.

Styling Tips for Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture.

styling tips

Dark furniture, specifically dark wood, comes in many different types. The advantage is that most of them look good with the same colors.

What you need to consider when styling your bedroom is:

Balance with lighter tones.

Dark furniture tends to overpower the room. You can balance it with lighter tones. Light-colored wall paint will create contrast and make your furniture stand out. The bedding and curtains should also be soft and neutral-colored. This will add brightness and balance to the space.

Play with textures.

Dark furniture can give a powerful look to your room. To soften, it adds various fabrics such as plush throws, textured rugs, and velvet pillows. 

These items will give visual interest and depth to your room. As a result, you will have a room with a softer look, plus a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Layer with colors.

You already have your dark wood furniture. They are the foundation to showcase your preferred color scheme. Now you need to choose a color palette that will complement the richness of that furniture.

If you are looking for a classic look, pair it with shades of cream, beige, or white.

Incorporate jewel tones such as emerald green or sapphire blue if you want to take a broader statement.

These mentioned colors should go in your bedding, pillows, and decorative accessories.

Metallic accents.

metalic accents style

By adding metallic accents, you will give a touch of glamour to your bedroom. Add gold and silver accessories in your picture frames, lamps, and decorative trays. These colors complement the richness of the dark wood and add a luxurious and refined feel to your space.

Enhance lightning.

bedroom lightning

Since your dark furniture is bold and powerful, you need proper lighting to enhance the beauty of it. Choosing warm, soft lightning options will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Your room needs to be warm and intimate; strategically placing your lighting fixtures will create the perfect ambiance.

Use mirrors

mirrors and bedrooms

As light creates a cozy and warm ambiance, so do mirrors. They reflect light and create the illusion of space, making your rooms feel larger and brighter.

You can place a decorative mirror above the dresser or hang a full-length mirror on a wall to add depth and visual interest.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

Putting a new coat of paint on the walls might be perfect if you want to spice up your bedroom space. Here are some guidelines about the different colors that can create different ambiance depending on your preferences.

Neutral Color Palette

When working with dark furniture, you want to contrast the darkness with a light color. This is classic design instinct, and it is just perfect!


dark bedside table

Light walls create a blank canvas for a space. Additionally, they invoke senses of safety, cleanliness, and even femininity and romance.


beige combined with dark furniture

This warm color may evoke the soft shades of fall, but it'll look fabulous on your walls at all times of the year.


cream combined with dark furniture

This color has a warm, full-color payoff when put on the walls. It might take you more than one coat to achieve full coverage. 

Earthy and Natural Tones

Even though the hue of these colors is darker, it's sure to brighten up your bedroom with a pop of color.

Sage green

sage green and furniture

Compared to many other warmer paint colors for bedrooms with dark furniture, this product is a fairly cool shade of green.

However, it will ideally bring out the contrast of your dark furniture and create an inviting environment.

Hunter green

hunter green furniture

This classic color can freshen up even the most modern of living spaces. It dries fairly quickly and evenly, leaving you with a masterpiece by the time the project is finished.

Jewel Tones 

Vibrant jewel-tone colors add drama and personality to any room.

Navy Blue

This contrast results in a dramatic and moody refuge perfect for hours of uninterrupted sleep. Make sure to mix them with some light colors to soften the ambiance.


teal and dark furniture combination

Need help deciding between blue or green? Well, the good news is that you don't have to. The color teal offers the best of both worlds, and it also happens to look stunning alongside dark pieces of furniture.

Warm Tones


maroon and dark furniture

The romantic yet unpredictable choice of color is a bold move. It needs personality but can create a vintage style in your room.

Mix it with vintage wall art, which will combine perfectly with our cabinet, giving it an intense environment with many personalities.

Decorating with fancyarn furniture

Think beyond an item's original purpose to find creative ways to decorate it with wood furniture. Here we will give you a few ideas with our exclusive furniture for your room decoration.

Style your rooms with vintage-style furniture.

Lean into an antique look by styling wood furniture with other vintage pieces. Our Fancyarn Leather Accent Chair will give an appearance that will tie an assortment of modern and vintage pieces together.

dark furniture combination

Mix wood furnishings in a variety of tones.

solid wood

Other wood tones are generally a safe bet if you’re unsure what color to pair with wood furniture. Wood finishes often feature undertones that appear yellow, orange, red, blue-gray, or dark brown.

Decorate with mixed wood furniture by choosing additional accent pieces that have a similar undertone, even if the finish is much lighter or darker.

As shown in this picture, our Black Accent Cabinet with Rattan Design can be combined with light-colored furniture such as a couch or your bed. This will create a balance between this fundamental furniture in your room.

Pair wood furniture with painted pieces

Balance the dark wood by choosing painted or metal finishes for other bedroom furniture pieces. Some options could be our C-shaped side table or our papasan reading chair

The c-shaped side table is ideal if your room already has a few pieces of furniture. In contrast, the reading chair will be more suitable for a minimalistic and bold room to give more character.

In Summary

Regardless of the colors you choose to pair with your dark wood bedroom furniture, remember that it's important to consider the overall effect you want to achieve. Consider lightning, type of furniture and textures.

Whether navy blue, maroon, or classic white you can't go wrong with any of the shades we mentioned!

If you found this article helpful and want to expand your knowledge of wood furniture, check out our explore page for lots of tips and tricks.