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The Birth of a Piece of Wooden Furniture

The raw materials selected by FANCYARN are all “outstanding representatives” of the hardwood forests in eastern North America.

 Because it grows in special environments such as extreme cold and high latitudes, 

it takes a long time to precipitate a hard and delicate texture. 

After dozens of meticulous works, it becomes an excellent piece of furniture that will accompany you for a long period.

1. What woods do we have to choose from?

More than 90% of the wood we use is high-quality wood from extreme cold regions of North America, with a small percentage coming from Europe. We hope the following information can help you find the wood you need quickly.

Oak Wood

Classic log color, clear and beautiful texture, like a mountain range.

Black Walnut Wood

Dark-toned, mid-century style, with a smooth and aesthetically pleasing texture, an extremelyvaluable furnishing material.

Cherry Wood

The color is warmer, and the color will become darker with time. It is very popular among people who prefer literature and art.


Straight texture, light color, fine and uniform structure.

Manchurian Ash

The color saturation is lower than that of oak and ash wood, and the texture is loved by Asian

-Style home lovers, which greatly relies on the global timber yard and supply chain.

① FAS grade means that the wood has long, clean-cut surfaces with little color variation and a few scabs.

② Air-dry density is the weight to a volume ratio of wood at a certain atmospheric state when it reaches its equilibrium moisture content. A high air-dry density means that the wood is heavy, hard, and strong.

2. Which aspect of the wood we use stands out?

We don't use these boards:


❌ Wood chip bonding

❌ chachaHighest glue usage

Multi-layered boards

❌ High glue consumption

❌ Multi-layer veneer glued and hot pressed

Multi-layered boards

❌The outer layer is veneered.

❌The surface is not the same as the inside, easy to warp and peel.

We only use pure solid wood planks straight together!

More beautiful grain pattern

Less glue.

More stable and durable

3. 10 steps to create a good solid wood furniture

Step1. Selected Wood
Strict selection of local and imported timber
Step2. Nurture Wood
Release the internal stress, control the moisture content of the wood and reduce the chance of deformation
Step3. Cutting and Splicing
Cutting in the width direction, then splicing the big board
Step4. Pressure splicing
Increase the bonding fastness of splicing
Step5. Cutting and tenoning
Precise sawing and machine tenoning
Step6. Assembly and inspection
Mortise, tenon, and gluing to ensure the stable structure of furniture, inspection to ensure accurate assembly
Step7. Four times sanding
Machine + Manual, only for a smoother and more delicate feel
Step8. Four times open paint spraying
Choose environmentally friendly clean paint, two coats of primer + two coats of top coat, 72h ventilation drying, environmental protection, and no odor
Step9. Package
Four corner anti-collision design + internal foam, filling to ensure the safety of furniture transport

4. What kind of paints do we use?

To guard the health of your family, we only use good paints.

High Demanding Custom Environment Paint

●Jointly developed with famous paint suppliers

●Fancyarn's custom-made odorless paint

●Environmentally friendly, odorless

Natural Wood Wax Oil

●Extracted from linseed oil and Brazilian carnauba wax

●The content of formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances is approximately equal

to 0, more healthy and environmentally friendly.

●Maximum preservation of wood texture, and clear grain.

FANCYARN carefully selects each raw material and turns it into a good piece of furniture through dozens of complex processes. We hope it will accompany you for a long time.FANCYARN carefully selects each raw material and turns it into a good piece of furniture through dozens of complex processes. We hope it will accompany you for a long time.

We always adhere to professionalism and take every piece of wood seriously,Adhere to dozens of strict processes, meticulously polish and make each piece of furniture,So that they can float into thousands of households with the vision of a better life.This is the original intention that we have always adhered to,Only good natural wood will be used to build a warmer home.