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Product Care & Cleaning

Maintenance of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture may expand or shrink in an overly wet or dry environment.

All furniture has been designed with the qualities of each wood in mind, allowing room for expansion and contraction. However, in order to keep your furniture in perfect condition and prolong its life, you still need to observe the following use and maintenance requirements.

Due to the natural characteristics of solid wood, your furniture will absorb or lose moisture in different humidity environments and cause expansion or contraction. So please maintain a reasonable humidity level in the room during use. The indoor humidity keeps around 60% is appropriate, less than 85% and more than 35%.


In dry environments: In extremely dry environments, such as the inland highlands of the western United States, which are particularly dry in winter. We recommend artificial humidification measures, such as indoor humidifiers and increased indoor greenery, to keep humidity in the ideal range and prevent dryness and cracking caused by the loss of moisture inside the wood.


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Do not make solid wood furniture near the source of fire or damp walls. It should be placed in a place where the air is clear and relatively dry to prevent the material from becoming moldy and unglued. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent material deformation, cracking, paint bursting, bulging, and fading.

Maintenance of leather sofa

SECTION A- Stay away from the heat

The Leather sofa should not be exposed to the sun and near the heater for a long time.

SECTION B-Do not often wipe the sofa

The leather sofa should not be wiped by an overwet towel on the leather surface, especially not often wiping it. If you have to wipe, please use a wrung-out towel to wipe off the dust and dirt.

SECTION C-Keep away from alcohol, acids, and alkalis

You cannot use these chemicals to wipe the leather, and they will discolor the leather.

SECTION D-Avoid scratches

The keys on the waist of people's pants, the metal jewelry for jeans, the ballpoint pens, ink pens, etc, can all become a scratch on the leather sofa. Please pay more attention.

SECTION E-Do not lean on that wall

Especially in the southern rainy season or high humidity areas, the sofa is close to the wall of that side, and it is easy to delaminate. Be sure to keep a distance from the wall.

SECTION F-Prepare special cleaning supplies

Prepare a special cleaning cream or dry cleaning cream for leather sofas at home, it will clean better!