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HALLOWEEN WITH FANCYARN - fancyarnfurniture


The spookiest holiday of the season is around the corner, that moment when you dress up as the character you love, the person you admire the most or a fantasy you want to make come true. Halloween is already here that season of fantasy and the magic of terror, what an amazing time to have a party! Fancyarn teaches you how to decorate your home, whether it's a trick-or-treat candy fest at home or an intimate gathering with your family, this season is all about having a little extra fun with your loved ones. Get excited because these home decor ideas are about to get creepy!

The best way to elevate the holiday spirit is to use wooden furniture to create the perfect atmosphere and give it a ghoulish touch. With our rustic design furniture made from oak wood, you can create different types of cabin-in-the-woods feeling. First, place on the floor your different-sized Halloween pumpkins (they can be filled with candles to create a spooky home), the orange color will combine beautifully with the colors of the oak wood and you will see in the furniture these are hand polished, which will give your room a soft touch and an elegant structure.



For the next step, we will establish the theme. Choose the colors you want to have in your room, classic Halloween colors could be:

  • Black, red and white, for Vampire vibes.
  • Black and purple, it will give the scary vibe of an abandoned house.
  • Black and green, for the witches and monsters’ theme.
  • Black and orange, the common colors for the Halloween season.
  • Black and white, you can never go wrong with those colors in this specific season.
  • All red, to create a devilish atmosphere.
  • All black, to give your room a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
  • Fall colors, oranges, browns, yellows, reds, etc.

You can also choose a film to set the theme colors. Don't worry about the choice of color, the 100% solid oak wood of the Fancyarn collection matches all kinds of colors in the palette. Once you have chosen a theme it's time for the fun part, the details.

For the detailing step, first, get the tablecloths in the colors you chose and place them on the Fancyarn soft furnishings. Keep in mind that Fancyarn furniture takes care of your family and therefore the corners are rounded to prevent children from bumping into them, which is something to consider when buying new tablecloths. Next, place them on the furniture and combine the colors by placing the darkest one first and followed by the lighter ones.

Once the color is in place comes the touch of decorating with decorative elements. Here are some tips of elements you can get for your spooky Halloween party:

  • Spiders

You can add a mysterious tone by adding giant spider webs over the front door, on the living room walls, or all over the furniture. The Fancyarn furniture comes with a non-slip pad so you can place the spider webs on the pads and spread them wherever you like, being confident that they won't move. Then add small and large spiders all over the place. You can make your own spiders using black craft paper, stencils, and some string to complete the festive look of your room. You can also sprinkle drops of red paint simulating fake blood on the white spider webs to make them more noticeable, and the effect scarier. This will look so realistic that even you might be frightened.

  • Decorative lighting

The other decorative big element is the lighting. You can use battery candles and put it all over the room. Also, you can make your own simply put the lights on mason jars, add some cotton, and it’s ready. If you feel more creative you can also make figures in the jars or paint them with the colors you chose. The lighting will give the total spooky atmosphere we want to achieve; therefore, we must be careful and very detailed in this step. Another tip for your lighting would be, to give your regular lights a Halloween glow, you can add spiders, white strappy fabrics, bats, and more cobwebs.

halloween furniture

A great little piece of advice, try to have the lights on the floor and not on the ceiling, this will create a spooky atmosphere. One thing you can do is wrap the lights around the legs of the tables. Fancyarn's desks and tables have rounded edges to avoid bumping into furniture, so it will be easier to apply that tip to our furniture and it will look much nicer.

  • Add a bit of character to your pillows

To complete the spooky theme, you also need to suit your Halloween theme to your cushions or throw pillows. This will depend on the color of the theme you have chosen for the final scary character. Try to be as creative and literal as possible, as this will shape your room and take your Halloween decorating to a much higher level. A little tip to better match your Rustic furniture is to combine with natural fabrics, you can use cushion covers made of cotton, wool, sheep fiber, linen, thread, etc. to better continue along with the theme.

  • Halloween curiosities (The weird cool)

For this step, you can add curiosities, oddities, collectibles, and the things we love for Halloween. You can think of skulls, skeletons, stuffed animals, or other strange things that give a spooky creepy atmosphere. Don't forget about spooky signs. Superstition warning signs are always a good decoration, especially if any of your party guests are easily spooked. So warn your guests or trick-or-treaters that something terrifying awaits them when they arrive.

With these elements you will have breathtaking pieces and you will impress your visitors.


 In combination with Fancyarn's rustic furniture your room will look like a horror movie, and your party will be a total success.

  • Spooky Treats

Don’t forget to give your guests some delicious treats, this will be the cherry on top. To complete your party launch preparations, the food should be appropriate to the theme. There are a lot of different snacks and dishes that you can make and mold it to your theme, you just have to be creative. The simplest thing can be to prepare red drinks, using red, black or green colorants. For the snacks you can play with the figures, add some ears to the sandwiches, draw some superstition signs on the cookies, make hot dogs with a little dark ketchup as blood, add some fake knives on the table, and get some candies that you can find many of them already decorated in the supermarket. You can do a lot of things. But remember that no matter how spooky they look, just make sure the food tastes good or you'll ruin the fun. Don't worry about cleaning up after the party, our furniture has a protective texture on the table top that makes it easy to clean, just wipe the furniture with a wet cloth and it will soon be all clean again.

Fancyarn furniture is very practical for every festive season, the natural color of the wood that characterizes the brand goes with every space and color combination. Please tell us about your experience season by season, how has it worked for you?